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For Your Garden

Not every garden looks beautiful left to a gardener. Sometimes there are gardens with artificial grass with various shades of green to give the real look. Maze Grass has got the most appropriate solutions for you. With the variety of green shades available you can make your turf look real with fake grass. You don’t need to fertilize it, water it or mow it. No need to pay the gardener for the maintenance. Doesn’t matter if you have got a pet or a baby as this grass is completely safe even if swallowed.

fake turf grass


MazeGrass quickly realised the need for an alternative surface that the hundreds of thousands of balconies in and around Dubai were craving for. Not only does covering your old tired looking tiles or concrete transform the look instantly there are many other benefits too. The soft comfort underfoot, the safety aspect for children if they take a tumble not to mention the slip hazard of tiles for adults also. The huge reduction in visible dust which is subsequently walked into the home!

After Artificial Grass


Is your current artificial grass wholesaler unreliable?
Are their prices constantly increasing?
Has the quality of the artificial grass supplied gone down due to suppliers cost-cutting?
Does your current supplier understand the needs of the trades?
It’s time to consider conducting your business with Maze Grass.

Pet Owners

Your pets will fall in love with the soft and subtle feel of your new artificial grass lawn. Easy maintenance proves it to be best for domestic use. You don’t have to fertilize your grass, cut it regularly or water it. Maze Grass products are permeable and will drain all the urine or any surface water. Even your pet’s faeces can be removed easily and leave no damage to the turf.

Artificial grass for events

Exhibitions & Events

All office, commercial and events can get the full facility of fake grass that looks real. Maze Grass provides exhibitions and events fine quality fake grass at competitive prices. Artificial doesn’t mean plastic. Maze Grass manufactures products carefully with the right techniques. The grass is sturdy enough to withhold heavy traffic that is sometimes used in events and exhibitions. No matter how many thousands of square meters there are, Maze Grass has got it all covered.

fake turf grass

Schools & Nurseries

Maze Grass promotes children development and healthy outdoor environment which is why installing synthetic grass is preferred. The professionals understand well the requirements of the educational providers. Due to the unsafe outdoor environment, some educational institutes avoid taking their student body out for recreation and educational trips. This is what made them create a healthy environment inside the school premises by installing artificial grass.



10 Year Warranty


UV Resistant


Child & Pet Friendly


Drainage Holes


Strong and durable


Looks & feels like real grass

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