Court flex Tile

Skillfully Engineered for Better Performance

Whether you are a homeowner designing a cool looking backyard basketball court or a facility manager looking for an easier gym surface to maintain, a CourtFlex Tile may be your answer.  Our outdoor and indoor court tile systems have numerous benefits over traditional flooring and surfacing options. 

Attractive Appearance

With numerous standard color and line options, CourtFlex Tile are used to create eye catching courts that transform sports grounds, hotels, schools and other facilities.


Our shock absorbing plastic tiles feature expansion joints and a spring tabbing mechanism that allows slight side-to-side movement and forgiveness on joints and lower back.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike concrete courts that crack or wood gym floors that require regular polishing and periodic refinishing, CourtFlex Tiles require little maintenance. They can be cleaned with a leaf blower or garden hose

Long Lasting

MazeGrass CourtFlex Tiles are constructed from a durable polypropylene material that is resistant to cracks and fractures. Best of all come with a 10 year warranty but have a 25-30 year life expectancy. 

For specific applications, there are even more benefits.  Choose a court tile system below to learn more.

Outdoor Court Tile

MazeGrass Courtflex Tile has not only established itself as the ideal basketball flooring system for outdoor courts, but it is being used more and more for developing safer tennis courts and multi-game courts that brings families together like never before.

Indoor Court Tile

Designed to have the same feel as traditional wooden gym flooring, CourtFlex Indoor Tile are a budget friendly option for creating multi-sport gym surfaces that are easy to assemble, easy to maintain and fun to play on.