Maze Grass-

Rome 30mm.

Rome 30mm Lush Green

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Maze Grass Rome 30mm

Maze Grass- Rome 30mm. Is the very best garden turf when it comes to a natural lush green appearance. You won’t believe your eyes, especially when you know it is imitation grass! The natural appearance is due to the filling of earthy brown-coloured sand.

Sand Filled System

Maze Grass- Rome has been on the market since 2011 and there are now thousands of gardens with this type of imitation grass. Why change a winning team? There is 3 shades of green, giving it a beautiful olive green color.


The colour of our Rome Grass is a full-bodied green in 3 shades. The turf is also partially filled with earthy brown ‘ceramic sand’. This reinforces the natural effect in two ways. First, it has an effect on the position of the fibres. These no longer all stand in the same way, but have to find their own positions when the sand is brushed in. You can see this on the accompanying photos. Through its colour, the sand fill gives the grass an additional nuance. In addition, it’s impossible to spread the sand so that it has exactly the same depth everywhere. This is precisely what lends the grass its natural look. Rome Grass is the perfect garden turf substitute, suitable for small gardens but especially for large ones.

Key Features

  • 30 mm tall grass blades
  • The grass blades are kept nicely upright
  • A full grassy density
  • Intense colour, three shades of green
  • Durable, will last for many years
  • Fire retardant, thanks to the sand fill

The Best Garden Turf

The robust shape guarantees an attractive and durable grass surface. In particular large gardens and projects in public green spaces. Maybe you drive past one of our projects every day without even realising it! Maze Grass Rome 30mm is a type of artificial garden turf for which sand fill is essential. The sand fill is functional but also enhances the natural attractiveness of the grass. The sand fill makes this type of garden turf suitable for intensive use and is a definite long-term investment.