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Perfect Your Lawn by choosing Artificial Turf

Transform your lawn, balcony or sports field with our artificial turf Dubai

Maze Grass in Dubai fulfills all your synthetic turf requirements. Whether you need it for your home, real estate company, shopping malls, government sectors, garden or hotels, designing your ever-green patch is all you need.

Give Your Property a Make Over

Transform your property with the finest looking artificial turf products. Live in a stress free environment with all the comfort and style you desire. Maze Grass has got a wide range of products and astro turf Dubai accessories to revamp your entire area. Welcome your guests in a stylishly decorated outdoor area with the finest grass.

Looking for artificial turf Dubai? We have every requirement and come up with the finest quality lawn grass for your property. Here is what we have got in store for you:

1. Maze Grass Royal

This 42cm tri-color turf does not just adds in beauty to your place but has got a premium quality which makes it feel almost real. It is completely recyclable and adds in a real impact.


- 42mm tall blades - Exclusive grass fiber c shape - Real grass density - Natural green color - Supporting rootzone

2. Maze Grass Milan

Maze Grass Milan makes the flawless astro turf. With its quality look you can get the exact feel when fresh grass is seen in meadows. C-shaped fiber gives a higher carpet look and feels as it is mowed freshly. Choose from three color types: olive green, field green and clover green to get the renewed lawn you wanted.


- Easy to install and provides a tender surface
- Soft texture
- Mixed green colors
- Real artificial grass
- Full density
- Available in three shades

3. Maze Grass Sicily

Sicily Exhibition Turf comes in 20mm and has for a top-ranked aesthetic value. It is recommended the most due to its economical feel and tender surface. It can be installed in the fallsafe surface form in balconies or gardens. Made from soft and pure polyethylene, it is considered safe for human interaction and the environment as well.


- 20mm fibers
- Duo-tone fibrillated fibers
- Appropriate for intensive use
- Spread with silica sand

4. Maze Grass Rome

Maze Grass Rome and its 30mm robust shape gives you the durable grass look you have always wanted. All natural looking turf doesn’t even make your guests realize that it is artificial. It comes with the sand fill which enhances the natural look of the grass. Being appropriate for intensive use, Maze Grass Rome is an investment worth it.


- 30mm grass blades
- Full density grass
- Durable artificial grass
- Upright grass blades
- Available in three shades of green
- Fire resistant due to sand fill

5. Maze Grass Venice

The c-shaped fiber of the grass gives the right glimpse of nature. Make your garden patch luxurious with the matt fiber and silky color. It reflects less and prevents the turf from an artificial look. This could be the most premium artificial turf you can get fixed in your garden.


- 30mm grass blade height
- Real artificial grass
- Fuller density
- Mixed green color
- Soft but resistant

6. Maze Grass Naples

The 40mm Naples is our most popular choice with its 100% recyclable artificial turf it is attractive and feels real. Maze Grass Naples look good in the summer sun and can resist any kind of climate. The grass is made to appear natural with a 40mm length to keep the entire look of your property luxurious and comfortable.


- 40mm grass blade height
- Premium quality grass fibers
- Natural looking
- Lush green shade
- Full grass density
- Supported by rootsone
- 100% polyolefin material