Maze Grass is perfect for your pet!

Your pets will love the feel and comfort of a Maze grass lawn.  You will not need to worry about them not liking the look, feel or smell of artificial grass. Many animals will love the new soft grass and will enjoy running around and playing on it.

The maintenance of Maze artificial grass is also very easy, so instead of keeping your pet inside whilst you fertilize, mow or weed your natural grass, you and your pet can play on the artificial grass all year round. 

Caring for your artificial grass

With artificial grass you don’t need to worry about pet waste. Mazze Grass is permeable, this means that urine will drain through it and faeces can be removed very easily, all you will have left is a fresh lawn with no damage. A quick once over with the hose every now and again will ensure that your lawn remains clean.  Your garden will stay looking fresh all year round.

Which is the right artificial grass for your pet?

All of our artificial grasses are perfect for animals and our lawns can be installed very easily and quickly, therefore both you and your pet will not have to stay without using your garden for very long!