Maze Grass-

Naples 40mm.

Naples 40mm Tri Colour

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iCon 7 Year Guarantee iCon UV Resistant iCon Colourfast Grass iCon Certified to BSEN1177 iCon Water Resistant iCon Flame Retardant iCon Free Draining



Maze Grass Naples

With a length of 40mm, Maze Grass Naples not only looks attractive, it also feels wonderful – super-soft and springy. This type of lawn turf is special, because it is 100% recyclable. After use, this artificial grass type is unique in that it can be reused to produce new lawn turf.

Safe For You And The Environment

Maze Grass lawn turf contains no harmful toxins or heavy metals. But even better, with maze Grass Naples, you have chosen for a product that is 100% recyclable thanks to newly developed production techniques.


Maze Grass Naples is a beautiful summer green lawn turf, which fits in well with our climate, both in summer and winter. The mix of green and beige-coloured blades of grass lends it a natural appearance. With a length of 40 mm, the artificial lawn look luxurious and well kept. Most importantly, it feels incredibly soft and resilient under your bare feet.

Key Features

  • Unique shape grass fibres
  • A full grassy density
  • Fitted with supporting rootzone
  • 40 mm tall grass blades
  • A natural appearance
  • Beautiful, intense green colour

MazeGrass Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is actually a grass carpet. This means that green artificial grass fibres are attached to a sturdy backing. The fibres are fixed with latex. In ‘standard’ artificial grass this consists of various materials. As a result, artificial grass can be recycled once, but cannot be used again as artificial grass. Things are different with Maze Grass Naples. Maze Grass Naples is made of 100% polyolefin material – the fibres, the backing and the coating used to fix the fibres to the backing.

This makes Naples 100% recyclable at the end of its lifespan and it can be reused to produce artificial grass.