Maze Grass-

Milan 35mm.

Milan 35mm Tri Colour

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Maze Grass Milan 35mm

Wouldn’t you love a lawn with a full, mixed tri color? Now it’s made possible with Maze Grass Milan 35mm. This artificial grass is made up of three colors green with mossy wire and is perfectly fresh green, without looking unnatural. That, combined with lush grass fibers of 35 mm, makes the Deluxe a beautiful rich green turf. Artificial grass with a pretty neat density, resilient and soft.

Always a Summery Green Lawn

Maze Grass Milan 35mm consists of no less than three popular green colors; field green, olive green and clover green. The mossy wire also has a green tone in it. This combination gives your lawn a green color that can best be seen as the green tone you see in lawns when spring turns into summer. A fresh green lawn without being too powerful.


Which colour of turf is right for you depends on your personal preference, but also on the position of the garden. For a shady garden, it’s best to choose a light-coloured artificial grass as it brightens up the garden. You can evaluate the different colours and how they appeal to you at one of our show gardens or by requesting samples. The effect of the colour is of course not as strong on a small scale as it is over a large surface.

Key Features

  • A full grassy density
  • Wonderfully soft but resilient
  • 3 shades of green/ brown for a natural look
  • A popular mixed green colour
  • 35 mm tall grass blades
  • Truly realistic artificial grass

The Grass is Never Greener On The Other Side

Maze Grass Milan has a 35 mm grass fibre. This higher fibre grass carpet looks full, but freshly mowed. True luxury in your garden! This artificial grass has the unique C-shaped fibre, which mimics nature for a stunning natural appearance. Thanks to the matt fibre it gives a silky colour and has strongly reduced reflection, preventing the turf to have a ‘unrealistic and plastic look’.