Commercial Projects

Maze Grass Dubai stock, deliver and install an ideal synthetic grass solution for high traffic areas including main entrances, pedestrian malls and much more. Our plastic grass lawns provide top-notch results with an authentic appearance and texture, all year round,  regardless of our heat and rainy climate. There’s none of the high cost and time consuming maintenance that a natural lawn demands. Our fake grass products conserve water and add value to the aesthetic appearance of any public space. Artificial grass is also totally safe for children and pets. A smart looking fake grass carpet is the timeless improvement for a shopping mall, business or public park. If you think it’s not affordable, practical or even possible talk to us at Maze Grass Dubai for more information and a free estimate.

Why Maze Grass?

Maze Grass can supply any order, not matter how large or small, and we can deliver in 2-3 days. Our excellent service is why Maze Grass is trusted by customers to provide our artificial grass products and services again and again.

We have been delighted to work with our clients who includeSofitel Hotel, Yas Waterworld, Saudi German Hospital, as well as numerous schools and event companies.

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Commercial projects that are perfect for artificial Grass?


Artificial grass turf flooring looks and feels nicer than tarmac and can provide a child friendly safe outdoor environment. We can provide expert advice regarding the best outdoor flooring solution for your project. Maze Grass is hard wearing and ideal for multi use areas.

Health & Safety

These day we have to take great steps to ensure no harm comes to those in our charge. Maze artifical grass for lawns is cleaner than turf and is inherently safe, being soft to the touch.

Health and Safety is an ongoing concern for commercial projects. With natural turf areas open to the public, additional measures need to be taken to ensure their safety. After heavy rain, a natural grass area will become muddy and slippery under foot,  by using synthetic grass these types of situations will never be of concern and the project will become cheaper and safer in the long term.

Puplic Areas and School Playgrounds

Many people may not understand the benefits of artificial grass and may fail to see it as a way to save time and money. Our low maintenance outdoor artificial lawns are visually realistic and appealing and will prove a sound investment. Remember, the only maintenance required is the occasional sweeping and collection of leaves. Mowing is a thing of the past.

Commercial customers may use artificial grass to:

• Reduce maintenance costs.
• Make use of roof terraces.
• Display products.
• Improve their company image.

All businesses know just how important it is to have a smart looking premises

Artificial grass turf is ideal for Government Departments wanting to reduce their maintenance overheads. It comes well recommended for play areas and it will keep apartment blocks and outdoor garden areas looking good, green and well kept all year round.