Artificial grass has come a long, long way since the 1980s. With today's synthetic turf products featuring grass blades that contain numerous shades of greens and brown. MazeGrass are now able to offer turf products that look just as real as any natural grass lawn. Due to this, more and more homeowners are making the switch. Also, early adopters are upgrading to the latest versions of artificial grass to take full advantage of the improved realism.

Patrick Hills, an account manager at MazeGrass, noticed this to be a recurring trend in his 10 years in the turf industry. "Homeowners switch to artificial grass because of the aesthetics. They want the perfect, natural grass look, but don't want the maintenance responsibilities that go along with it," he told us. "The best selling products are the ones that are going to hold up, have great colour, and work well with children or pets."

Patrick believes that the evolution of grass helps its popularity, he says. "After a while, people want their green lawn back and the installers and homeowners are demanding more aesthetically pleasing products." Hills saw numbers really start to go up approximately 8 years ago when turf changed and became a more advanced product.

"I have customers from 8-10 years ago calling us and asking for an upgrade and we are happy to help," Hills says. "The switch is done much easier and at a significantly lower cost to the homeowner because the foundation is already done from the previous installation." Business is always growing for MazeGrass and we don't see it slowing down anytime soon.