Artificial Grass For Schools

Here at Maze Grass we are committed to doing our part to promote children’s development and healthy lifestyles via outdoors activities of exercise and play.

Maze Grass employees understand educational providers requirements and requirements

Thes days Education departmens are all about children engaging in indoor / outdoor activities to aid child development and help fight child obesity. Here at Maze Grass we understand the challenges that educational providers face with these requirements such as:

General lack of facilities and natural areas
Bare, sandy and rough natural surfaces
Messy environments,  
Increased risk of accidents, injuries and more paperwork with H&S assessments
Increased maintenance costs
Desire to achieve KHDA's outstanding rating

“At our school we had a very large area to cover and Maze Grass accommodated our
needs very professionally and punctually. The children love this surface to
play on, there is next to no maintenance and no mud!

I would recommend Maze artificial grass, not only for its visual appeal but also its
durability” Director, Kaleidoscope Day Nurseries


Advantages of artificial grass in playgroups, nurseries and schools

Artificial grass  is easy to install in areas and on surfaces which were previously unusable such as bare ground and tarmac areas
Less dirt in school corridors reducing cleaning and slip hazards.
Looks and feels just like real grass!
Arficial grass is suitable for all weather
Can be used with shock absorbent pads under climbing frames to provide added protection from critical fall height
Extremely hard wearing with life expectancies of up to 20 years and is UV stabilised to ensure the colour does not fade.
Many of our Dubai customers have received an Outstanding status from the education authorities down to the great, always accessible outdoor facilities that can be provided thanks to artificial grass
No mowing,  no mess and more importantly more money in your budget thanks to reduced maintenance and Dewa bills.

Specifically designed products

Along with our fantastic range of artificial grass that are perfectly suitable for educational environments, we have a range of products including shock absorbent pads, coloured artificial grass (great for sensory areas) and sports surfaces

 How Maze Grass can help and why you should work with Maze Grass?

The Maze Grass commercial team continually receive specific training in regards to educational providers requirements. These requirements include promoting physical exercise and activities with constant access to indoor and outdoor facilities. Our team will be able to assist from start to finish with your long term development plans of prioritising artificial grass play areas.

We offer extremely competitive prices for the best quality artificial surfaces guaranteed! Additionally, we offer a robust discount system for the education sector as part of our commitment to encourage child play and development.

We are proud supporters of the Play England campaign; the campaign calls on every individual to do something that encourages more play, more often for children

We have the knowhow, experience, facilities and passion that has entrusted numerous councils, schools, NGO’s and private education sectors to choose Maze Grass as their preferred artificial grass supplier.

Call us - you might be surprised by how little it costs and with no moving, no maintenance you'll soon be saving.



The Department of Education highlightd the significance of PE and
physical tivities

“Sports and play environments are valued and important for young children’s wellbeing and development .
“Young children should be active as much as indoors…”
“Ensure that children have opportunities to be active on a daily basis all year round.”
“Long-term whole-setting development plans must prioritise healthy activity provision and allocate funds accordingly, as they become available…Limited funds must not prevent progress”